Doubles and Triples Galore

by Pyramid Fly Co.

 January is always a mixed bag when it comes to Pyramid Lake. Traditionally, it can be a frigid month with the catching action matching the weather; cold and unforgiving. This January didn’t disappoint, and even though we had a handful of slow days, they were easily justified by the days where the lake gave up the trout.

The tail end of January provided some fantastic days. Many times we would see bobber down after bobber down, and we were rewarded with quite a few outstanding trout. We have seen a steady increase in the middleweight class of cutthroat in the 8-15# range, and even some great younger Summits and Pilots putting up hectic fights. A lot of attitude is coming out of these fish right now, so they are definitely on the fritz getting their bellies full before they shift into the spring spawn mode.

Many of the standard angling approaches for the lake will produce right now, but the steadfast standard has been the indicator bite. Find the depth where they are cruising and you will be in the money. These fish are cruisers, so try and commit to your beach and see what happens. Look for some type of underwater structure and that will help your hunt as well. These aquatic hogs love ledges and will fancy cruising the rocks as well to pick off midges and other aquatic morsels.

We spend a lot of time on the water at Pyramid Fly Co, so if you have been having problems zeroing in on the fish make sure you link up with us! Even if you’re a well-seasoned angler it never hurts to get a guided trip to learn a bit more about the behaviors and habits of these trout. If you want an in-depth lesson, we have the Pyramid Stillwater School coming up with the Legendary Phil Rowley. This is an all-inclusive trip from February 29 - March 2. We have 2 slots left at this point, this is an event you do not want to miss!