Pyramid Lake Fishing Report

by Trout Creek Outfitters
(530) 563-5119

The fishing at Pyramid remains a bit spotty this week, with some sunny days killing the bite and the overcast days providing a window of fair numbers. With this week’s storm pushing though we expect the bite to really pick up, especially as last week’s full moon wains. As reported last week, the fish remain pretty spread out among most beaches with neither north or south providing better fishing. The name of the game this time of year is to pick a beach, stick with it and keep those flies in the water, waiting for the fish to push through your location. It is currently not a numbers game, but we haven’t seen many small fish caught either. That alone is worth making the trek out here in our opinion. The bobber fishing remains a bit more consistent as of late, but we’ve consistently seen the larger fish show up on the strip. We recommend starting with stripping first thing in the morning, switching over to indicators once the sun is up and switching back to the strip once it goes back over the hill. Switching up techniques throughout the day is a great way to keep you engaged and find out what’s working that day, but the most important factor is just keeping your flies in the strike zone for as long as possible. As mentioned in previous reports, certain beaches will be better suited for certain techniques. So, do some research on which beach will fish best with the set-up(s) you have at your disposal

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