End of the Year, but the Season Is Just Turning On!

by Pyramid Fly Co.

It has been an interesting start to the 2023/24 season at Pyramid Lake, and that is meant in a positive connotation in case you’re wondering. Lower water temps started the season off in October and essentially shifted the balance of fish behavior to reflect that of being much later in the season. Hence, here we are at the end of December and this still holds true. Water levels are still up, water is chilly, and the bite has started to shift to much smaller offerings.

We haven’t had a blockbuster set of storms roiling through like we did this time last year, so that has made the bite windows shift to a point where you really must do your homework to pin down these beefy cruisers. We are seeing great action when systems roll through, yet on the calmer days you have to put in the time to hit those bite windows. This doesn’t mean that the fishing has been bad at all, it just lends itself to maybe smaller catch numbers at times. With that being said we are absolutely seeing quality fish being drawn in on those slower days, and that is an excellent reward to bestow one’s net when you put the hours in. Just don’t miss those bobber drops!

Fish are scattered amongst the lake for the most part still, so you will need to either dedicate yourself to a beach you feel good about or find structure underwater that you think the trout will find appealing. Leeches and midges are both sufficient for tantalizing these behemoth trout’s appetites, just get it in front of their face and they will be tempted to grab it. The strip bite is also sufficient for getting hook ups, but you will need to slow your retrieve pace down a bit as the water temps aren’t conducive to swift baitfish action.

If you are thinking about coming out soon to try your hand against these trout, don’t gamble on the DYI trip and give us a call at Pyramid Fly Co. Our team has put countless hours on the lake this season and has a great read on the lake. This will benefit you on making your trip worthwhile and memorable. Give us a call at 877.732.3597 and let’s get you on some of the world’s largest Cutthroat Trout!