Pyramid continues to fish fair this week

by Trout Creek Outfitters
(530) 563-5119

Pyramid continues to fish fair this week, with not a lot of high number days, but some excellent fish being put in the net for the persistent angler. We have still done best when fishing under an indicator. However, we have seen some quality fish caught on the strip this week, including a 20-pounder caught by Trout Creek Outfitters shop-hand and guide, Finn Loper. The bite remains spread out among most of the beaches, and choosing the beach you’re fishing for the day should be based mostly on the techniques you’re looking to use. Sandier beaches tend to fish better using streamers or suspending leeches, while rockier beaches will be best fish using midges, especially around mid-day. As the winter solstice came and went this week, we look forward to seeing the best fishing out here over the next couple of months. The season out here is really just getting started and we have already seen so many large fish caught well before what most fisherman consider the peak of the season. We have also just got a huge fly tying order here in the shop this week, and with it we made sure to put a huge emphasis on materials used for Pyramid Lake flies. We’ve included everything you need for balanced leeches, midges, beetles, buggers and streamers. Come check it out!

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