It is Pyramid Lake season, and it is fully underway!

Bruce Pocock holds a quality fish from Pyramid Lake

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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There is plenty of cloud cover in the forecast for next week at Pyramid. Cloud cover is generally a good thing. It can often lead to fish feeding in shallow water or closer to the surface. With what’s in the forecast for next week, any day could be a great one. But, if there’s one thing we know about Pyramid Lake, it’s that the bite is consistently inconsistent. As always, we set our expectations to zero and accept the results for whatever they may be. When the results of any given day might be double digit fish in size and numbers, you learn to live with the upside.

At the moment, there is no clear prevailing pattern at Pyramid that is leading some to success and others to failure. Stripping beetles has been producing a decent bite, as well as hanging an indicator. In general, the beaches from Pelican Beach to the north have been fishing better than a few weeks ago. However, the southern beaches can also still produce good action on any given day. If there is a decent chop and a bit of overcast, consider hanging a leech or stripping larger flies to help the fish find your offering. If the surface is relatively calm, consider switching to a midge if the leech isn’t producing. Remember that the best results simply come from spending the most possible time with your flies in the water. Don’t get too caught up second guessing yourself. Resist the urge to switch flies too often, or to search out a different beach if the one you’re at doesn’t seem to be producing. In our experience, moving spots can often lead you to spending too much time driving around and not enough time simply fishing. That is why it is a gamble, and more often than not it doesn’t pay off – except for when it does. There are some big fish being caught out at Pyramid right now, so don’t miss out on the action this year.

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