Bobber fishing out fished the strip bite again this week

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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While fishing on the Truckee slows as the temp’s plummet, Pyramid Lake is seeing the opposite effect and the colder days have caused the bite to really pick up. These stormy, overcast days will keep fish in close to the drop offs all day, keeping rods bent with more consistency. Bobber fishing out fished the strip bite again this week, especially around mid-day. Low light hours are the time to chuck your sinking line with beetles or boobies. Slow and steady retrieves tend to work best during these colder months, with an occasional long pause for good measure. When fishing the indicator, we have been starting at depths of around 8-10 feet, but still been finding fish at 12-14 feet especially mid-day or while beaches with a deeper drop off. The fishing up north has been improving and at this point it appears that anglers at most beaches have an equal shot of finding fish. It’s really just a matter of a school deciding to push through the water where you’re fishing. Keep those flies in the water and be ready when that fish takes, as any one could easily be the biggest trout of your life!

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