December Brings The Cold, Our Team Brings The Heat

by Pyramid Fly Co.

Well, it’s easy to exaggerate when it comes to fishing. I mean, that is the everlasting stigma  that has been attached to all fisherman types by society. Whereas this may be true for most of the fishing world, here at Pyramid Fly Co. there is no exaggeration when it comes to what we put on the table. We fish for the largest cutthroat trout in the world on the most unique lake in the world. 

The majority of fish have been wandering in a manner that finds them not favoring any particular stretch of beach. This may present itself as unfavorable news to some, but in reality it opens up the whole lake to finding these fabled trout. What is consistent is that these sea hogs are favoring leeches up and down the lake, and all at varying depths. We have found fish everywhere from 3 feet to 12 feet when fishing under the bobber, and they are even taken the classic stripping patterns during select times of the day. 

One thing has been consistent though, and that is everyone that came out in November on a trip with the PFC crew had a great time. Lots of smiles, high fives, cheering and laughing amongst our clients as our guide team will show up with one thing in mind…FUN! 

Regardless of the conditions at the lake our team always finds a way to make the best of every trip, and somehow we always find a way to get on the fish. This isn’t a big surprise though as everyone on the PFC team spends countless hours scouting for fish when we aren’t guiding. Our passion for the lake is unparalleled and we love nothing more than sharing our experiences with those that come out on guided trips with Pyramid Fly Co. We invite you to come share some time with Pyramid Lake’s finest…LET’S GO!!