Dude...You're Down!


by Pyramid Fly Co.

After a fun but unique October, colder weather and dropping water temps are finally here! And why are we so excited? Because it means colder water temps that are bringing the fish closer to the shoreline. It also means "Ditch the boat, get a ladder", or you can stand on shore. It's time, now until late April.  

I'm sorry to say but it's hard to pick one area right now. The fish are lake wide but more importantly the fish are cruising the deep beaches and shorelines. Find a shoreline which is around deep water and fish it. 

The lake is up around 3' higher than it was this time last year and we're seeing 50 degree water temperatures. Water temps are dropping and the fish have started cruising the shoreline as well as shallower and shallower each day. We have had some really good trips this week from the shoreline. It's a great sign when your catching 20# fish from shore already. 

It's the balanced baitfish or leeches under an indicator or even stripping boobies and wooly worms that have been productive. Make sure you vary the depths of your offerings until you find the Fish Highway. The fish are hot, don't try to horse the fish in, have a little patience and make sure you use hefty fluorocarbon leader. There's no need to go with a lighter leader right now. The fish don't mind. I would attach my flies with a Rapala or "Kreh Loop Knot", this will give the flies more action especially while using a heavier leader. 

It’s time to start making plans to get out to the lake. You can't catch ‘em from the couch but you CAN catch ‘em from a ladder chair. We have yours ready.