Pyramid Lake Fishing Report

Nate landed a 17 pounder recently.

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The warmer days this week have made for some great days for hanging out on the water, but it has also made for some tough conditions for fishing out at Pyramid.

Luckily, this shift in the weather starting Sunday will certainly help the bite pick back up and remain more consistent throughout the day. If you were planning on fishing out here at the pond this weekend, it will be bluebird conditions and you will want to put a strong focus on mornings and evenings, and if its glassy and bright then you will want to add motion to your flies by either using a sinking line and stripping streamers, or using an indicator and a hand twist technique or small twitches.

Brighter days will also mean you should downsize your flies and tippet, and should make light colored, or flashier flies a bit more productive. Most beaches have been fishing pretty well, and the fish are sitting in quite a few water types, so depending on what method of fishing you’re doing for the day should determine what beach you’re fishing. Pelican rocks will make for the best indicator fishing, while the point at the same beach will work well for stripping streamers off of a ladder due to it being more of a gradual drop-off and a sandier bottom, for example. Starting next week, we expect the bite to get red hot again with the unsettled weather, and we should see week 3 of March just as good as week 1.

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