A Fish in The Net is Worth Two Under The Bobber


by Pyramid Fly Co.

With spring getting near and the weather systems pouring in has the fish schooling up more and more.  The water temperatures are cooler than normal and the fish are fired up even more so because of it.  It's good out and only getting better.

  The name of the game these days has been midges, midges and more midges yet again.  If you don't like staring at a bobber, you better plug your nose and learn to swallow it anyway because the bobber will continue to remain king this time of year. You’re always in the zone, which means you are always fishing.  I love watching that little orange ball play the "Houdini", and just disappear!  It's addicting. 

This lake was the first place to make me set hooks in my sleep as I was first dozing off on the couch.  I remember my wife looking over at me in disbelief like, "wtf are you doing?!  You're not fishing anymore"!  Little did she know I still was as I was sleeping on the couch right after dinner because I was spent from my early rise to go fishing.  We eat, sleep and dream fish.  Some of us are downright silly for anything that swims.  I mean who doesn't love beautiful locations, new scenery, and exploring areas in search of our friends with tails?!

  While the bobber will always hold that special place in my heart, the strip bite ain't half bad either.  The thicker the schools of fish get, the more apt they are to compete and chase down your favorite wooly bugger.  Beetles and boobies are always great bugs to hang off that sink line.  Change your cadence to find their liking for the day but as the water temps are cooler, a slower strip is often preferred.

As we slide into mid-March the bite continues to improve and shall only pick up further into the month as water temperatures are much cooler than normal with the cold winter we have been having.  The way things are shaping up April is going to be a great month.  Come on out and give us a ring at  877.732.3597 I mean after all, you sure as hell can't catch ‘em from the couch!