As predicted, this first week of March has been great

by Trout Creek Outfitters
(530) 563-5119

As predicted, this first week of March has been great, and this is quickly shaping up to be THE month to be out here. Where and when you fish this lake should determine your presentation and what bugs you use. With fish being found in a variety of water types and depths, this is the time of year where you can pick your preferred method and choose the right beach for the occasion, or vice versa. If stripping streamers, look to fish long gradual beaches with a consistent sandy bottom, such as windless, the nets or pelican point. If you prefer fishing midges under an indicator, we recommend fishing the rocks at pelican, spider or south warrior.

If you like fishing leeches under the indo (like we do!), try anywhere north of windless or south of wino. Yes, the leech bite is still very much happening, and we’ve had some great days with them, especially if there’s some decent chop on the lake, which has been the case with these stormy days as of late. In terms of the finer points of fly selections, there’s a few basic rules of thumb that can help you determine what fly to fish. If there are good swells happening and you’re looking to indicator fish, we recommend heavier and larger flies to keep your flies in the zone and increase visibility.

If you’re fishing streamers during this time, try using darker colors such as black, purple. If it’s calm, and sunny, downsize your flies and use lighter colors with less weight to increase movement, this goes for everything, midges, leeches and streamers. We’ve been putting a lot of time on the water out here as of late, so stop in and ask any questions you may have about gear selection, fly choice or where to fish for the day, we’ve got you covered!

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