Pyramid has been fishing very consistently over the last few week

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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Pyramid has been fishing very consistently over the last few weeks with good reports of daily numbers, although the sizes have been somewhat lacking so far this year as seemingly fewer big fish have shown us thus far. To be fair, when we say the fish have been a bit small, we are still seeing quite a few fish in the 8-12 pound range, but just less fish around 15 and up. However, we still have the best months ahead of us, with the big fish showing most consistently during the months of February and March.

The bite has been good using both indicators and stripping streamers and as always, we encourage you to have both set ups at your disposal for the day to mix up presentation depending on location, time of day or if and when one technique becomes monotonous. The bite seems to be pretty spread out amongst all the beaches this year, and most beaches will have their days. We’ve been fishing mostly from Pelican north, but with the flows settling on the river we should see the mud line along the southernmost beaches such as Popcorn, Cattleguard and Sandhole clear out, and fishing here could really pick up. The influx of fresh water will often push the baitfish down to the south end in search of food flushed from the Truckee, and when the baitfish move somewhere, the cutthroat are sure to follow. Only time will tell how this high pressure system on the horizon will affect the bite, but we would venture to guess that the bite window will likely shift to morning and evening hours or on days with overcast, so plan accordingly!

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