The cold has has transformed Pyramid Lake into a winter wonderland


by Pyramid Fly Co.

Lake Conditions

No denying that winter is here, and it’s cold embrace has transformed Pyramid Lake into a winter wonderland. This doesn’t mean things slow down for the Cutthroats though, they have stayed on the chew and we have been eagerly tracking ‘em down and getting them into the net. The past week and a half we have seen air temps ranging from day time highs in the 20s and 30s and water temps hanging in the low 40’s. Prepare yourself accordingly by layering with appropriate warming gear, and if you happen to pack to light for your trip you can swing into the Pyramid Lake Lodge and grab a PFC sweater or neck buff to help keep the chill off!

Fish Report

Late December challenges even the most savvy Pyramid lake angler, and with a bit of patience and diligence you will be rewarded with a handsome trout in the net. Indicator fishing is the go-to method right now, and balanced leeches are the fly of choice. Most colors are producing fish, but don’t be afraid to try something new if you have that odd colored leech in the box. Midge bite isn’t strong right now, but don’t count them out as we have had a handful landed on classic Pyramid Lake chironomid patterns. We haven’t forgot about the classic streamer/beetle bite, this can produce fish when you least expect it. Early mornings and evening are a great time to get it on with your strip game. What’s that? You are asking what beaches are the hottest? All of them! Fish are still scattered, so find yourself a spot with access to a nice ledge/drop-off and you will be in the game. Remember….don’t leave fish to find fish!