The 'Mid is Hot, Let's Go!

Pilot Peak Release
Photo Credit: Bearfish Alliance

by Bearfish Alliance Staff

The opener wasn't the glory all what we were wishing for, but in the matter of less than a week things have turned up. Still have to fish deep, but over the next few weeks they should shallow up a little bit. Regardless we are out hunting for these pigs with deep water jig methods, and the fish are hitting hard and most are in a rather nice size range with 10# fish and up not being uncommon. For those savvy with the fish finder and are out on float craft you will be able to figure out where to go, however if you are doing this style for the first time we can help you out. Call my teammates at Pyramid Fly Co at 877.732.3597 and we will get you on our watermasters and show you how to get on top of these submarines. Big Trout, big flies, and memories for a lifetime. Let's Go!!

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