Fishing at Pyramid Lake has been amazing

Photo Credit: 📷 Reno Fly Shop

by Reno Fly Shop

Fishing at Pyramid Lake has been amazing. Still not a huge number of fish, but the quality fish have been really good. We are finding these fish looking for easy meals in somewhat shallower water. Most of the indicator bites have been in less than 9 feet with the most right around 6 feet. Bright midges have been working best. Balanced leeches are starting to transition out of the food chain for the cutthroat, but I wouldn’t leave them at home just yet. Let us know if you are experiencing the same.

Our most consistent results have come from using indicators on deeper beaches when the weather is calmer and retrieving flies when the wind and weather is a bit more unsettled. Midnight Cowboy buggers and Popcorn Beetles have been very productive on those windier days.